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About Skate Ramps UK:

My newly established business is a successful result of just wanting exactly the same as you... My very own Skate Ramp in my back garden.

I decided to build one for my skating fanatic Son to the envy of all his friends which then lead onto orders upon orders and here we are today.

We have now built a selection of ramps, with the most popular being the half pipe.

We can build ramps to your specifications, all we require are your ideas and drawings, we can even personalise your ramp by adding your own graphics.

Our Aim:

Our aim is simple, we provide quality skating equipment at affordable prices.

We want all you skaters to have the chance to develop a talent or just simply have fun with friends in the safety of your own back yard.

Customer Feedback:

"Great ramp, really smooth transition, really easy to maintain speed, perfect coping, no hangups, no need for wax"

"Ideal for beginners or experts- shallow or steep transition"

"I have skated for nine years, ramp has a smoother transition than most wooden indoor skateparks, I didnt need to drop in a few times for practice the ramp was the perfect spec for a begginer of someone who is used to ramp skating. Hardly had to pump, really nice fast coping, grinds easily and doesnt stick out at all so its really easy to do stalks and grinds. A good all round solid ramp" Jon Hargrave R2G Boardshop.